Characteristics Of Acne

Acne is a skin condition people have been suffering with for centuries. Although it is most common during the teenage years, it can happen to anyone at any age.

Acne is commonly characterized as a condition that causes red scaly areas on the skin, black heads and white heads. The pimples can become very large and painful. Sometimes even the small pimples can be painful, as well. White heads and black heads look very ugly, but do not usually cause any pain or inflammation.

The pain you feel when you have a pimple is caused by the inflammation. When your pores get clogged, a pimple can form under the skin. This area then becomes infected. To fight off the infection, your body produces extra mucous. The mucous is also trapped under the skin because your pore is not large enough to let it drain out.

If the mucous could do the job it is intended to do, it would wash away the infection. But, since your pore is not large enough for this to happen, the inflammation gets worse. By gently rubbing the area with an abrasive cleanser or scrubby pad, you are able to open up the pore enough for the mucous to drain and the pimple to heal.

Cleansers with healing agents or natural vitamins will help the pimple heal faster. As the cleanser cleans away the dead skin cells, mucous and bacteria, it also fills your pore with nutrients. These nutrients heal the infection and help to block out future infections. Of course, not all cleansers contain nutrients, and not all people will be able to clear up their acne problem with the same cleansers. You can learn more on how to clear acne by reading this proactiv review and getting the best product for acne.

You have to find something that works for you. Many people have had great success with products like Clearasil and ProActiv, but for others these products do not work at all. In most cases these products only work for occasional, small out breaks, not for severe cases of acne.

Severe acne is deep down in your skin that cannot be cured from the outside. You can to fight this type of acne from the inside, while still keeping the outside of your skin clean and free of bacteria and dirt that can clog your pores.

Many people seek the help of a dermatologist for severe acne problems, but dermatologists, scientists and researchers are not any closer to finding a cure for acne than they are to finding the cure for many other diseases.

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